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Beer cookbook

We live in a beer world power. We are like kings who know how to appreciate the wealth our country offers.

If you are a fan of beer, you will love this. In this book you can find 111 beer recipes. Simple and tasty dishes inspired by Czech cuisine. The basic ingredient of each recipe is beer – the most popular Czech drink that has many flavors and forms.

Believe it or not but many deliciou­s dishes can be made even in the wild or in a cabin in the woods with a very poor kitchen equipment.
The book author, an experienced cook and traveler, has prepared many tips on how to enjoy sometimes challenging or otherwise tiring travelling with something warm and excellent for the stomach.
This cookbook full of easy, quick and cheap recipes and it is designed especially for all the tourists, hiker­s, pilgrims, travellers and boaters who have onlypot (some of them even pan) and can use only fire, gas stove or grill at most.
In the introduction you will learn a lot of useful information about which tool take with you for travelling, which spices and other flavourings should not be forgotten, and how to pack the food in your backpack.
In the following section of the book you will find the best travel soups, hearty appetizers and snackspilgrim stews and other main courses
Meat and vegetarian dishes, cooked, fried and grilled. Bon voyage and enjoy your meal!




€ 11,10


  • Manufacturer: CPRESS
  • Author: Natalie A. Rollko, Lenka Heroldová
  • Weight: 340 g
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