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Beer shampoo 300ml

Soft Beer Shampoo® contains large amount of beer and vitamin B. The shampoo gives hair a fresh appearance, strength, shine and volume.

Soft Beer Shampoo® regenerates the scalp the vitamins in beer prevent skin diseases. Hop promotes healthy hair growth, reduces scalp itching and calms it. Because of these positive effects, the shampoo can be used daily.

Features and benefits of the original beer shampoo:

  • contains vitamins
  • regenerates the skin, hair follicles, sebaceous glands and prevents skin diseases
  • gives hair a fresh look, strength, shine and increases their volume
  • reduces itching of the scalp, it soothes and thanks to great content hops promotes healthy hair growth
  • beer shampoo® is suitable for daily use
NNew Beer shampoo 300ml


  • Manufacturer: Saela
  • Weight: 350 g
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