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Muflon Pale Lager 11° (Kunratice Brewery, 0,75 l)

Honest beer produced by a traditional Czech procedure

Contemporary beer made by the traditional Czech doubletour process of two types of malt and two types of hops. The beer of deep golden color is characterized by a distinctive hops aroma and full taste and slowly bitter saturation. Thanks to its eleven degrees it is suitable for daily extinguishing of thirst, with every meal, as well as for a long sitting with friends. It is more than possible that the MUFLON 11° honestly consumed by you, during a long discussion, will tell you what you did not want to say.

NNew Muflon Pale Lager 11° (Kunratice Brewery, 0,75 l)


  • Manufacturer: Kunratice Brewery
  • Content in litres: 0,75 l
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Fermentation: bottom
  • Alcohol content: 4,5 %
  • Grades in EPM: 11 °
  • Packaging: glass
The product is not for sale anymore.
  • Product code: PK001
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