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Muflon Red ALE 13° (Pivovar Kunratice, 0,75 l)

Honest beer produced by a traditional Czech procedure.

MUFLON RED BUT 13° represents the ALE beer category popular especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. To preserve the purity of the beer style for its production, we use exclusively overseas hops, foreign malts and original yeasts.
Part of the hops is not brewed like in the production of Czech beers, but it is placed in lager tanks, where the hops flavor and bitterness are slowly released during fermentation (so-called dry hopping). This procedure results in an increased sensation of bitterness and hops flavor. You can taste citrus tones, which are the result of citrus varieties and floral tones - Amarillo variety. You can help boosting the flavor by consuming ALE warmer - 12-15° C.

NNew Muflon Red ALE 13° (Pivovar Kunratice, 0,75 l)


  • Manufacturer: Kunratice Brewery
  • Content in litres: 0,75 l
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Fermentation: top
  • Alcohol content: 5,4 %
  • Grades in EPM: 13 °
  • Packaging: glass
The product is not for sale anymore.
  • Product code: PK004
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