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Declaration of accessibility

This e-shop Czechbeergifts.com is designed with full regard to web accessibility standards (English translation via Google). The page is structured with HTML 5 markup and the visual appearance (the design) through the use of cascading style sheets (CSS). Text size can be arbitrarily changed through your Internet browser.

How to enlarge the text?

  • In Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera, press: Ctrl + scroll down/up
  • In Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, press: Ctrl + +/- (+ to enlarge, - to minimize)

Note: Apple Mac users should use the Apple ('Command') key rather than the Ctrl key.


A special print style is created to print pages. Pages can be printed by using a web browser or by using the "print" link, located in the footer of each page.

Keyboard shortcuts

Czechbeergifts.com Supports single key keyboard shortcuts (English translation via Google).

How to use keyboard shortcuts?

  • In Internet Explorer, press: Left alt + keyboard shortcut number, then it is necessary to confirm the action by pressing Enter key.
  • In Mozilla Firefox on Windows, press: Left alt + Shift + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Google Chrome press: Alt + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Opera press: Shift + Esc + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Safari press: Ctrl + Alt + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Mozilla Firefox on Mac OSX, press: Ctrl + Alt + keyboard shortcut number.


In case of any problems with the accessibility or functionality of this website, please contact our company w3w, via e-mail at info@w3w.cz.