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How to shop

Shopping with Us

Our online store has only one requirement - you need to have cookies enabled in your browser. This is an essential con­dition and the e-shop does not work without it. Instructions for enabling cookies can be found in the Help section of your browser.

How to Buy?

If you want to buy something, you need to add it to cart first. One possibility is to add products to cart by right-clicking the „Buy“ blue button located next to the product (this way you add one product to cart). The second option is to open a detail of the product (click the „Detail“ blue button or the name of the product).

Product detail also allows you to change the number of products in the cart. Simply enter the the required number of items into the box next to the price and click the „OK“ gray button. Current number of items in the cart and the total price is shown in the upper right corner of the site.

When you added everything you need and you want to complete the order, you must go to the cart. You can do it by clicking the „Shopping Cart“ option in the upper right corner of the site. It is possible to change the number of products there or remove any items from the cart by clicking the „Delete“ option. You will need to confirm this action.

To change the number of products, type the required number of items in the box next to the product name and then click the „Recalculate“ button. The entire content of the shopping cart can be removed by clicking the cross button. You will need to confirm this action.


In the cart, click the „Continue“ button located below the products. On the next screen, fill in the required information. Items marked with an asterisk must be filled in, otherwise the order will not be processed. Once completed, click the „Continue“ button again. Check if all the entered data are correct and complete the order by clicking the „Place Your Order“ button. Now, the order appears in our database, we will process it and contact you.

That's it. Simple, isn't it?