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Personal data protection


  1. An Administrator of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as the “PD”) according to the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 (article 4 point 7) known as GDPR is Jan Prokop, Business ID No.: 71548092 (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”).
  2. Contact: Jan Prokop, Mikovcova 12, Praha 2, 12000 Česká republika; email: info@pivnidarky.cz; phone: +420 774 555 252
  3. By PD is mentioned all data about an identified person due to its name, ID, address, network ID, or one or more  significant issues such as physical, genetical, mental, economical, cultural or social identity.
  4. Administrator didn’t delegated any other person for PD administration.


  1. Administrator manages PD provided by you and/or gained by finishing your order.
  2. Administrator manages your PD needed to fulfill the contract.


  1. A legitimate reason of administrating PD is:
    1. a fulfillment of the contract between you and the Administrator due art. 6 par. 1 letter b) GDPR,
    2. a legitimate interest of the Administrator to provide direct marketing (especially for sending business announcements and newsletters) due art. 6 par. 1 letter f) GDPR,
    3. your agreement with administrating to provide direct marketing (especially for sending business announcements and newsletters) due art. 6 par. 1 letter a) GDPR in connection with § 7 Art. 2 Act No. 480/2004 Coll., about some services of information company in that case, that the order or service hasn’t been completed.
  2. The Intentions of administrating are:
    1. a completion your order and achievement rights and obligations due to a contractual relationship between you and the Administrator; when ordering needed PD are required to finish your order (name, address, contact); providing the PD is crucial for a completion of the order and fulfilling the contract; without providing PD there is no possibility to finish or fulfil the contract from the side of the Administrator.
    2. sending business announcements and other marketing activities.
  3. There is no automatically process of deciding as Art. 22 GDPR from the side of the Administrator. You has provided an explicit consent with such administrating.


  1. The Administrator preserves PD
    1. by the time needed for processing the rights and obligations according the contractual relationship between you and the administrator (in the term of 15 years after contractual relationship finishes),
    2. by the time the agreement with administrating PD (on purpose of marketing) is recalled,
    3. when the time for agreement expires, the Administrator will delete your PD.

V. RECIPIENTS OF PD (Suppliers of the Administrator)

  1. Recipients of PD are persons
    1. sharing the process of delivering the stuff / services / payments based on the contract,
    2. providing services as e-shop (Shopio) and other services connected with operating the e-shop,
    3. providing marketing services.
  2. The Administrator has a intent to provide PD to the third countries (out of EU) or an international organisation. The recipients in these countries are providers of the mailing services / cloud services.


  1. By the conditions set up by GDPR
    1. right to access to your PD due to Art. 15 GDPR,
    2. right to edit your PD due to Art. 16 GDPR, or its limitation due to Art. 18 GDPR
    3. right to delete PD due to Art. 17 GDPR,
    4. right to object with administrating due to the Art. 21 GDPR and
    5. right on transferring the data due to the Art. 20 GDPR,
    6. right to revoke the agreement with administrating via written or electronically form (contact data in Art. I of this Conditions).
  2. Moreover you have the right to object to an Organisation for Protecting Personal Data in case you suppose any violation of your right of protecting PD.


  1. We use cookies files on our website for a purpose:
    1. to measure a number of visits on the website and to create statistics about these visits and behavior of the visitors as well,
    2. a functionality of the website.
  2. Collecting cookies might be understood as an administrating of PD. This kind of administrating is legitimized according to a legitimate interest of the Administrator and it’s allowed due Art. 6 § 1 Letter f) Regulation.
  3. You are supposed to browse the website in the mode which doesn't allowed to collect the data about visitors - this mode you may set up in Settings of your browser or due to Art. 21 Regulation you may object via contacting the address stated in the title. Your request will be executed asap, at the latest in 30 days after receiving. Cookies needed for the functionality of the website will be kept in a time needed for working the website.
  4. In case you disagree with administrating technical cookies needful for the functionality of the website, we are not able to guarantee the functionality and compatibility of it.
  5. Cookies collected for a purpose of measuring the visits and creating statistics about visits and behaviour of the visitors on the website are evaluated as a compact complex and in a pseudonymized mode.
  6. Cookies are collected max. of 13 months after their last use.
  7. Collected cookies files are administering by the provider of the service Google
  8. Analytics, Google Inc., with residency at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA in accordance with their terms, read more below:
    1. https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies?hl=cs
    2. https://policies.google.com/privacy/update?hl=cs


  1. Administrator claims, that he took all suitable technical and organisational action to protect and secure PD.
  2. Administrator took technical actions to protect data storage and printed version storage as well.
  3. Administrator claims that only authorized persons are allowed to access the PD.


  1. By sending the order via website order form you are supposed to confirm, that you are introduced with these conditions and you accept them in a whole range.
  2. You agree with these conditions by checking approval in a order form. By checking it you confirm that you are introduced with these conditions of PD and you accept them in a whole range.
  3. Administrator is allowed to edit these Conditions. He will publish these new conditions of PD on the website and will send it to you via mail you have provided.

These conditions are valid since 25. 5. 2018.