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Realistic RPG in an open world, while will, in the first person view, take you to medieval Europe in the time of war and turmoil…

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The Warhorse Studio in cooperation with Malesov Brewery introduces a unique collector’s beer set. The connection between the digital world and the very material world of beer brewing is a true innovation, and Malesov Brewery, which also once was located in a medieval castle, is very proud to be a part of such a project.

The world of beer and computer games is not so far apart as it may seem, especially since the story of the game takes place in medieval Bohemia, moreover in the geographic location where Malesov brewery once existed as a part of a medieval castle. 

Taste the product of the Bohemian brewmasters in this limited edition. It is only your choice whether you will open the bottle and immerse yourself in the game or whether you will enjoy this delicate drink while talking to your friends about your adventures in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

In the collector’s set you will find the following beer specials:
Malesov XXL Lager 0,33l
Malesov Pale Lager 0,33l
Malesov IPA 0,33l
Malesov Stout Imperial 0,33l