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Wooden gift set - Czech Saela

Wooden gift set - Czech

Beer cosmetics with high content of beer, vitamins B and glycerine is suitable for everyday use. Especially...

€ 52,60


Beer facial mask 100ml Saela

Beer facial mask 100ml

Nourishing, refreshing, soothing and moisturizing beer facial mask. Ideal for normal, dry, mature...

€ 7,90


Beer glycerine soap 140gr Saela

Beer glycerine soap 140gr

Beer glycerine soap is designed for gentle cleansing and moisturizing the skin. The soap contains...

€ 4,80


Beer body lotion 500ml Saela

Beer body lotion 500ml

Softening beer body lotion treats and conditions the skin. The skin is fresh and nourished thanks...

€ 8,50


Beer body peeling 300ml Saela

Beer body peeling 300ml

Smooth beer body peeling gently exfoliates dry and rough skin thanks to high content of beer which...

€ 7,70


Relaxing beer bath salt 600gr Saela

Relaxing beer bath salt 600gr

Beer bath salt relaxes the whole body. The salt provides your skin with important minerals. Thanks to...

€ 6,30


Two-phase oil beer bath 500ml Saela

Two-phase oil beer bath 500ml

Oil bath has a high content of beer, vitamin B and natural almond oil. It regenerates the whole body...

€ 7,70


Beer bath foam 500ml Saela

Beer bath foam 500ml

Thanks to the high content of beer and vitamin B, the beer bath foam® regenerates the skin, relaxes...

€ 5,90


Beer liquid soap 500ml Saela

Beer liquid soap 500ml

Liquid beer soap with high content of beer, vitamin B and glycerin regenerates the skin. 

€ 5,90


Beer shower gel 300ml Saela

Beer shower gel 300ml

Beer shower gel with high content of beer, vitamin B and glycerine can be used every day. It is suitable...

€ 5,90


Beer hair balm 300ml Saela

Beer hair balm 300ml

Beer hair balm with UV filter is suitable for everyday use. Thanks to high content of beer with vitamins...

€ 6,90


Beer shampoo 300ml Saela

Beer shampoo 300ml

Soft Beer Shampoo® contains large amount of beer and vitamin B. The shampoo gives hair a fresh appearance,...

€ 5,90